At Stratum, we believe in foundations. A good foundation is critical to any successful project, and our Assessment Phase helps build that foundation. Our collection of offerings for Transformation assessments, from our Cloud Envisioning Workshops to our Cloud Readiness Assessments and Gap Analysis, enable your organization to effectively evaluate the current state of IT and determine a Roadmap for your Cloud or Data Center Transformation project.

Cloud Envisioning Workshops

Our first offering, our Cloud Envisioning Workshops, help create a vision for what the end-goal of your Transformation project is. The best part? They’re custom built for your organization, in your office, with your teams. If you have already adopted some Cloud Strategies but looking to make the jump to a fully integrated organization, we help you see how to get custom code from your developers to production faster. If your organization is just starting out, looking for a quick win to demonstrate to your executive committee the value of using a Cloud Provider, the Cloud Envisioning Workshop helps build that Roadmap to success.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Stratum’s premier offering of the Assessment Phase is the Cloud Readiness Assessment.