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Cloud Managed Services

A Cloud-First Model for Modernizing  Technology Organizations

At Stratum, our team works to build technology solutions that position our clients for future growth and success. Whether your business has 15 or 1500 systems, your entire team needs efficient and attentive IT support personnel to resolve current IT issues and plan for future Cloud Transformation. We work to develop long-term strategies that can serve your business now and in the future. Our proactive approach relieves clients of the hassle that accompanies technology management so they can focus on running their business. Our goal is to provide businesses with effective IT support solutions that provide a foundation for future advancement and business scaling. If we build with growth in mind, our cloud-first solutions will help to facilitate that expansion when it arrives, rather than having to rework our IT support strategy when you outgrow your current setup. Our IT support services focus on the following:

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Turnkey Disaster Recovery? Stratum makes it possible.  Our collection of tools and processes ensure that when disaster strikes, your organization can focus on the things that matter.  Whether you have compliance guidelines that require monthly tests or an environment that needs to be protected against catastrophic events, Stratum’s Disaster Recovery as a Service is there to ensure that A disaster isn’t YOUR disaster.

Data Protection as a Service

Every organization needs an insurance policy.  Stratum’s Data Protection as a Service is exactly that.  With the ability to protect data on premise or in the cloud with a single interface, Stratum takes the headaches of backup and restore operations and makes them disappear.

Whether it’s an entire server or a single file, Stratum protects your data twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Desired State Configuration Management

System Updates are a necessary part of the modern application.  Applications consistently have more deployments, code releases and dependencies.  Don’t rely on manual intervention to update software for your business uses. Let our team shoulder the responsibility of keeping your systems and applications up-to-date so you can focus on what matters most.

Cloud Operations Monitoring

Monitoring for Availability, Performance and Capacity Management forces many companies to deploy expensive infrastructure, keep teams dedicated to managing tools, and have two sets of standards for Windows and Non-Windows systems.

Stratum’s Cloud Operations Monitoring solutions allow your organization to leverage cloud-based platforms to unify and standardize your monitoring infrastructure.

Network Management

Cloud Networks can be difficult to keep track of.  Access Lists, Security Groups, and Subnet Management can be complex to manage.  Our network support offering is  the most efficient and reliable option available for your particular needs and business goals.

Office 365 Management

Office 365 can be daunting.  User Management, message routing, and license management are just some of the challenges organizations face.

Stratum’s Office 365 Management offering supports your deployment by making the complex task simpler.  Our team integrates with your organization to support your users and IT operations with people who do this every day.