Cloud Readiness isn't just about uploading systems to a Cloud Provider. It's about transforming the way people work to leverage speed and capacity for a better user experience. Whether it's your Messaging and Collaboration platform or a Content Delivery Network, Stratum's Cloud Readiness Assessments look at both the Business and Technology requirements to help you make the right decisions at the right times.

Cloud Optimization

With Public and Hybrid Clouds firmly established as a foundation of all Enterprise IT Services in virtually every sector, a growing number of company leaders are turning their attention to the issue of cloud optimization. Cloud Optimization is fast moving from a luxury to a necessity as cloud services form an increasingly large component of organizations' overall IT infrastructures. It's no longer enough to simply evaluate and deploy a collection of cloud services – now, firms need to closely monitor these resources to ensure maximum productivity, as well as security and compliance. Efficiency is one of the greatest advantages that cloud solutions have to offer, but firms must take the appropriate steps to ensure they see these returns.

Stratum has developed an optimization strategy that focuses on three key aspects of Cloud utilization and costs to help your firm ensure the cloud you're paying for is the cloud you're using.

Performance Optimization

Stratum can help you identify underutilized cloud resources and refactor the instances, storage, or applications accordingly.  Whether it's an RDS instance in AWS or a Web App in Microsoft Azure, we've seen it all and helped our customers ensure they are not provisioning resources that lie dormant for weeks or even months on end.  We take our experiences

We use the firm's existing governance strategy to determine how a company approaches and oversees its cloud solutions.  Governance is essential as organizations' cloud footprint become increasingly complex and extensive. Governance is also crucial for ensuring that a firm remains fully compliant with all relevant regulatory measures.

Cost Optimization

Cost is a major factor in every Cloud deployment.  Cloud Optimization is designed to ensure that our customers are using what they pay for, and paying for what they actually need.  We begin by finding the simple modifications such as the type of storage provisioned and progress through all of the features of the various cloud providers.

Cloud Service Level Agreements

SLAs are nebulous.  We understand that.  What we help you accomplish with our Cloud Optimization service is ensure the communication between your end-users and consumers doesn't conflict with what the Cloud Provider is telling you.  Nobody likes to be the man in the middle of the argument, and we help ensure those arguments never happen.